What is the least empathetic thing someone has ever said to you?

    “Well Fanie, that’s life.” I was told after, at the age of 11, I watched a car run over a cat on a highway by a car. (Just for some background context this was in a rural area in Southern Greece back in the 90’s). Thanks! I feel much better. Right?!!! What a […]

Resiliency : Use with Caution

Cheerleader: “You are SO resilient…nothing can take you down!” Recipient’s inner voice: I can’t keep going like this Cheerleader: “I would have cried for days…I wish I were as resilient as you are” Recipient’s inner voice: I cry myself to sleep every night. Cheerleader: “You went through all that and you are still standing! That […]

Of course, I am Aware of Myself! Right…?

Of course, I am Aware of Myself! Introductory skit: Client: So yeah, I got some feedback that I get angry with my coworkers when they send me work with spelling mistakes on it.  Coach: What goes on for you when you hear that feedback? Client: Oh. It’s totally true. It pisses me right off. I just don’t get why they […]