Resiliency : Use with Caution

Cheerleader: “You are SO resilient…nothing can take you down!” Recipient’s inner voice: I can’t keep going like this Cheerleader: “I would have cried for days…I wish I were as resilient as you are” Recipient’s inner voice: I cry myself to sleep every night. Cheerleader: “You went through all that and you are still standing! That […]

An Exercise for Letting Go. Are you Ready?

An Exercise for Letting Go. Are you Ready? “I just can’t get over that they cheated on me 4 years ago. It’s all I see when I look at him.” “My parents were never there for me. Why do you think I am the way I am?” “My brother had it way easier than I […]

Grief Inoculation: It doesn’t work: 4 Things to do Instead

No, all the anticipatory and preliminary grieving you do now, will not make the journey and feelings of loss when the time comes any less painful. There is no bypassing the grieving process…no matter how hard you try. I coach clients during their grieving and through these conversations and personal experiences it has been my […]

Meet your Coach: Moments of Intimacy from the Heart of a Life Coach

When people ask me what I do for work and I say a “Life Coach”, I often get this assumption that I have found some perfect way of living. Of Being. Whatever that means to them. Well, this is not the case for me (I do not want to speak on behalf of other Life […]