Grief Inoculation: It doesn’t work: 4 Things to do Instead

No, all the anticipatory and preliminary grieving you do now, will not make the journey and feelings of loss when the time comes any less painful. There is no bypassing the grieving process…no matter how hard you try. I coach clients during their grieving and through these conversations and personal experiences it has been my […]

Meet your Coach: Moments of Intimacy from the Heart of a Life Coach

When people ask me what I do for work and I say a “Life Coach”, I often get this assumption that I have found some perfect way of living. Of Being. Whatever that means to them. Well, this is not the case for me (I do not want to speak on behalf of other Life […]

“I should.. You should… They should…..Stop here!

Have “I should” Statements become a Habit? “I should be more….” “I should not have done….” “They should be more….” “You should have……” Stop “shoulding” all over yourself. And others. Is there some thing you feel you “should” have done or “should have not done”? Someone you feel you ‘’should” be? Somewhere you feel you […]

Of course, I am Aware of Myself! Right…?

Of course, I am Aware of Myself! Introductory skit: Client: So yeah, I got some feedback that I get angry with my coworkers when they send me work with spelling mistakes on it.  Coach: What goes on for you when you hear that feedback? Client: Oh. It’s totally true. It pisses me right off. I just don’t get why they […]