Struggle with Time Boundaries? 4 Mindful Points on the Concept of Time

      4 Bits and Pieces On Time……or perhaps…in time…either way: Protect your time. Because you will not get it back. At least not here. Appreciate the time others give to you. Because they too will not get it back Invest in it wisely, because what you Will get back is some form of […]

The Wiggle Method to Getting Unstuck

“Help. I feel stuck”   Not a pleasant feeling and a common reason people reach out to a Coach. Stuck often means you feel you can’t move. But you can. You just think and maybe feel that way. But that doesn’t mean you have to believe that or that its true.   Every second that passes, […]

When in doubt, just BREATHE….

 When in doubt, just BREATHE…. BREATHE Before you hit “send” on that email BREATHE Before you yell at your partner for not taking out the garbage.Again. BREATHE Before you respond to a THAT question. From THAT person. BREATHE Before you speak BREATHE  Before you say “No” or “Yes” to a request BREATHE Because you are […]

3 things to keep in mind when processing Thoughts and Feelings:

W Negative Thought: ‘I’ll never be able to get that job”,  Negative Feeling: “I feel like complete **ap” You don’t have to:  BE your thoughts and feelings. BELIEVE your thoughts and feelings. ACT based on your thoughts and feelings. Because if you do, (and thoughts and feelings feed off each other!) then these negative thoughts […]