Negative Thought:

‘I’ll never be able to get that job”, 

Negative Feeling:

“I feel like complete **ap”

You don’t have to: 

BE your thoughts and feelings.

BELIEVE your thoughts and feelings.

ACT based on your thoughts and feelings.

Because if you do, (and thoughts and feelings feed off each other!) then these negative thoughts and feelings will be the framework under which you build and live your life. 

And then yes, you might never get “that” job, because you feel like **ap about yourself.

Now with positive thinking, you want to do the opposite. 

You want to BE, BELIEVE and ACT on your positive thoughts and feelings.

Positive thought:

“I have what it takes to get that job – I just need to apply.”

Positive feeling

“I feel confident that I am a kind, generous person.”

And now…you might just get that job because you feel confident, are confident and will give yourself a chance by applying to that job.