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Fanie Zis,BA (Psy), PCC, CCDP, CCS, CES, CWS


Vision: To facilitate and nurture personal and professional growth and development to help clients enhance their experience of life and overall state of wellbeing. To help clients create a life that aligns with their visions and dreams. A life they want to wake up to.

Life Coaching helps clients identify areas in their lives that they would like to perhaps change, develop or enhance and establish and develop action plans to pave the way forward to a desired state of living.

I invite you to take the following challenge:

You go to bed tonight. Some magic happens. You wake up tomorrow and 3 things are now. different in your life. Maybe that means that you have let go of anger or forgiven someone, maybe it means you wake up without anxious thoughts, maybe you wake up to a healthy breakfast, exercise routine and body you love, maybe it means that what you perceive as a problem is now resolved, maybe you wake up  in a different country,  or maybe your are just embracing the present moment just as it is. 

You are awake….and take a moment to process what is different.

What Are These 3 Things? What Do These Changes Mean To You? What Would Your Life Look Like If These Changes Stayed Around? What Would It Feel Like To Live Your Life In This New Way?

How Do You Feel When You Wake Up To This Different State And Place Of Being? Calm? Relieved? Joyous? Or, Maybe You Feel Anxious, Scared, Unsafe And Just Want To Go Back To What You Know. 

Could there be another way of feeling, thinking, being? Is there an area in your life that needs some review and editing? Do you ever feel you are living the life you have, not the life you are?


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MY credentials

Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaches Federation

Certified Career Development Practitioner with the BC Career Development Association

Certified Employment Strategist, Certified Work-Life Strategist, Certified Career Strategist with the Career Professional of Canada

Certified in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Step 1&2 and Strong Interest Inventory 

Certified Life Coach with the Certified Coaches Federation

Psychometrics Level B Certified

Certified Grief Educator (David Kessler Training) 

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