I’m curious.

Hands up (or heads up!) if you have found yourself or do find yourself encountering an unsettling or anxiety inducing situation only to spend hours, even days, coming up with a bunch of possible outcomes, predictions and explanations (stories) and then find you that none of these stories materialized as you thought?

That’s exhausting. There must be a better way. All that time spent creating stories -it’s like running a marathon in place only in your head. Not ever getting to a destination, finish line,  (solution or settlement) but doing all this work to try and get there

So here you go. Ask, Reflect and Learn.

  1. Out of the 10 – perhaps more- possible outcomes and predictions (stories) your brain  created as a result of a recent    anxiety provoking, unsettling  event or situation, what percentage of those outcomes actually came true or played out to be as predicted?

2. What might this number tell you that might help you in your approach the next time an unpleasant and anxiety-provoking and unsettling situation or event occurs?

Just wondering……..