Of course, I am Aware of Myself!

Introductory skit:

Client: So yeah, I got some feedback that I get angry with my coworkers when they send me work with spelling mistakes on it. 

Coach: What goes on for you when you hear that feedback?

Client: Oh. It’s totally true. It pisses me right off. I just don’t get why they are telling me this, I already know that about myself.

Coach: Ok. So, knowing this about yourself, is this an area that you feel you would like to work on?

Client: Huh? I’ve already done the work, I’m aware. Now I’m just angry that they didn’t think I was aware. I want to work on that.

I once read a statement that went something like this:

There are 2 types of people: those that think they are self-aware and then the few who are.

Self-awareness is a critical component of EQ and essential for many reasons. If we are able to experience and understand ourselves, we are then better equipped to facilitate growth, development, change, in all areas of lives, possibly leading to better relationships, healthy job satisfaction, good mental health, understanding of what gives us meaning and purpose and overall, a greater sense of well-being.


I wanted to bring 3 points to your awareness:


  1. Self-awareness is an ongoing process-it is not a destination.  It takes hard work and effort and there is always an opportunity to create new awareness around self. Just be aware of that😊 Awareness can be practiced and it usually free:). Examples of practicing awareness can be meditation and mindfulness.


  1. There is internal and external self-awareness. Your experience of yourself is different than how others experience you (leading to a lot of confusion, dissonance and interpersonal and intrapersonal conflict!). Get some external self–awareness and combine that with internal self-awareness to get a clearer and deeper understanding of self. Get to those blind spots!


  1. It’s great to be self-aware but what will you do with this awareness? I have met many including myself) who reach a place of clarity and self-understanding and then…just sit there… in awe. Great. You are now aware that you tend to get angry when someone cuts you off in traffic. Now what are you going to do about it? Just because you know a place exists doesn’t mean you’ll magically get there. Yup. You gotta do the work. But it’s a start! 


An squally important component is social awareness-yeah! That’s having te ability to understand the perspective and empatize with others outside of yourself in differing situations.

But, let’s just keep this article focused on self-awareness.

That being said, I am aware that I tend to write lengthy articles that perhaps include too many topics at once. AND I am doing something with this awareness by ending this article here and sticking to 1 topic (I hope-please, I am always open for external self awareness!)


Here is a great tool called the Awareness Wheel that can not only help you gain internal self-awareness but to follow this with action: